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Tree Care Services

Tree Care Services

Complete Tree Care, Inc Offers the following services for all of our valued customers.

Definitions of Services

Diagnosis of a sick tree

Complete Tree Care's ISA Certified Arborist has the education and experience to diagnose tree health problems and recommend treatments.


Although trees grow quite well in the forest without supplemental fertilization, urban and suburban soils may lack the vital nutrients that trees need. We offer fertilization as one of our many plant health care practices.


Sometimes it is possible to mitigate the risk of tree/branch failure by installing cables and/or braces to provide supplemental support.

Lightning Protection

Tree lightning protection is expensive in labor and materials. Lightning protection systems must be installed properly with correct materials to insure long term protection.  It is essential to consult with a ISA Certified Arborist  before designing a protection system for a tree.


Complete Tree Care's ISA Certified Arborist can provide written reports for many aspects of tree management including: appraisal values, property loss, risk assessment, diagnosis, preservation of trees during construction, and many more.

Public Education

All here at Complete Tree Care Inc enjoy the opportunity to educate the public about proper tree care practices. This includes presentations to garden clubs, tree planting projects, or even Arbor Day demonstrations of what arborists do.

Tree Value Estimates

In cases of catastrophic loss, legal disputes, or simple assessments, an appraisal of a tree's value is sometimes required. Complete Tree Care's ISA Certified Arborist offers tree appraisals as a consulting service.

Tree Risk Assessment

Except for the youngest and smallest trees, most all trees pose a potential risk from failure.Complete Tree Care's ISA Certified Arborist can assess this risk and recommend measures to minimize it.

Pest Management

The key to avoiding pest problems on landscape trees and shrubs is to maintain a plant health care system. This involves proper selection and maintenance of plants, and monitoring of health and pest issues. Pest management also includes provision of the appropriate treatments for controlling pests.


Pruning is the most common arboricultural practice. Complete Tree Care's ISA Certified Arborist has the education and training to prune trees according to national pruning standards and ISA Best Management Practices.


Tree removal can be an extremely hazardous undertaking that requires specialized training and equipment. Our professional arborists are equipped to remove trees safely, while minimizing damage to surrounding property.

Stump Grinding/Removal

Usually, once a tree has been removed, the property owner will also want the stump ground out.

Tree Planting

Our Arborists are trained how to properly plant a tree, Complete Tree Care  offers this service.

Tree Preservation Planning

There is very little that can be done to treat trees that have been damaged due to construction-related activities. This is why it is essential to involve an ISA Certified Arborist early in development projects to ensure that measures are taken to protect the trees.

Tree Relocation

Although it can be expensive, trees can often be transplanted to new locations. The size and species of trees that can be moved varies with climate, soil types, and equipment available.

All services provided by Complete Tree Care Inc. WILL be performed in accordance with ANSI A300 Standards for Tree Care Operations.

What are ANSI A300 standards?

They are industry standards developed by a committee called the ANSI-accredited Standards Committee (ASC) A300. The committee has representatives from a broad and diverse group of industrial and governmental organizations. The standards dictate the requirements and recommendations of the tree care industry for satisfactory performance of tree care maintenance. This means tree care companies who perform work according to ANSI A300 standards are following accepted industry practices for tree care maintenance operations.

Who should use ANSI A300 standards?

TCIA Accredited companies are required to follow ANSI A300 standards and to provide clients with work specifications written according to ANSI A300 standards.

All tree and landscape companies doing tree and shrub care should use A300 standards in order to:

  • be certain the work your company performs meets industry standards; provide common language and understanding between your sales, administrative, production personnel, and clients;
  • write estimates based on accepted-industry terms to help limit costly litigation and provide a clear estimate with work specifications that outline exactly what work is to be done.

Municipal arborists, governmental agencies, and grounds managers should put contracts out to bid with work specifications written according to A300 standards in order to:

  • communicate to the company exactly what work is expected to be completed in the contract;
  • compare submitted bids on level playing field

Consumers should ask that work estimates be be written according to A300 standards, and that work to be performed will meet A300 standards, in order to:

  • know exactly what work the company is proposing be done to your trees; have a means of comparing estimates from competing companies;
  • have a means of gauging how the work that is done compares to your expectations.

Pruning - ANSI A300 Part 1-2008, revision of ANSI A300-1995

Fertilization - ANSI A300 Part 2-2004, revision of ANSI A300 Part 2-1998.

Support Systems (Cabling, Bracing, and Guying Established Trees) - ANSI A300 Part 3-2006.

Lightning Protection Systems - ANSI A300 Part 4-2008.

Management of Trees and Shrubs During Site Planning - ANSI A300 Part 5.

Transplanting, ANSI A300 Part 6-2005

IVM, ANSI A300 Part 7-2006 Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM). and Electric Utility Rights-of-Way

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